The view from the embankment of the river Ob on the projectible complex  (the scientific zone, the historic zone,
  traffic interchange). In general, the complex will be a large image object, which increases the recreational
attractiveness of the city

Situational scheme of the projected territory in Novosibirsk city

 Architectural and design project is called "Signs"


Town-planning aspect: at the intersection of the Bolshevitskaya st., Fabrichnaya st., The Red Avenue
 and Kamenskaya Backbone the transport interchange and the projected automobile bridge through the river Ob
 is accommodated. In the light of this transport interchange the entrances to the underground parking are

 the View from the new transport interchange at the whole complex of the embankment

Architectural and landscape composition of the park is a harmonious complex, combining anthropogenic high
urbanized form with the natural environment.

 the View from the bird's flight on the main objects of the complex

town planning aspect: it is proposed to link the boulevard-the esplanade of Kirov st. to solve the problem of the
detachment of the promenade from the centre of the city


the connection with the embankment is carried out through pedestrian
crossings in different levels with the road

 The general plan of the projected territory

the Plan-scheme of the historical zone of the "Urban’s beginning"

the View on the historical zone the " Urban’s beginning "


the View on the historical zone of the "Urban’s beginning": the clock tower, the historical museum,
the exhibition pavilion

the Plan-scheme of the scientific area of the embankment

the view of the the scientific area of the waterfront

View of the museum of architecture and the scientific area

the Plan-scheme of landscape and architectural complex "Volna"

the Prospect of the embankment with a landscape architectural complex "Volna "

the Plan-scheme of the territory of the hotel complex

the view of the hotel from the Municipal bridge which finishes the set of the embankment

the scheme of