• Private interior projecting
  • Social interior projecting  (business-centers, offices, hotels, restaurants, boutiques, galleries, museums, entrance zones of apartment houses)
  • Architectural design of individual houses
  • Architectural design of country objects (restaurants, hotels, clubs, entertainment centers)
  • Decoration and design of author details and interior
  • 3d modeling of the space
  • Project management during construction
  • Advising on the acquisition phase of real estate

The AGgroup company architects and designers are having rewards for winning and participation in the international and All-Russian competitions. The whole creative team graduates the Novosibirsk Academy of Architecture and Art and Moscow Architectural Institute.

Sophisticated interior solutions requires increased attention to implementation, so the architects of the AGgroup company with responsibility refer to the technical side of the projects and the author’s support of the construction. At the core of our business lies creative and individual approach according to design projects of varying difficulty, as well as a strict authors control during the construction phase.

The projects are conducted in different cities: Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk, etc.

Telephones in Moscow: +7 916 4444718   E-mail:
  +7 965 3860741